Monday, 21 April 2014

Bluebells at Hole Park

Having never visited Hole Park Garden - they are all of four miles from our front door! - we decided that as the bluebells were out in force, it was about time we trundled off to Rolvenden and too a look to see what all the fuss was about.

Hole Park
As well as the planting there were plenty of other photo friendly elements to the grounds...

Some interesting statues

from different angles!

views across to Rolvenden windmill




funky trees

and of course bluebells

Lots of bluebells 
did I mention trees?

more trees

There was also a cool swimming pool - I quite fancied a dip

Monday, 7 April 2014

A trip to London and The View from The Shard

So the long awaited day arrived. Family Allen bundled off to our fair capital city and spent the afternoon eating, walking and taking photographs. Here are some of mine...

Tower Bridge
The Tower of London
At the end of this blog entry, I have repeated these two shots, but taken at night.

this is where we are going - The Shard

We had toyed with trying to cancel the trip as the weather forecast had been pretty bad, however on the day it wasn't a complete write off, the daytime was a little too dull and overcast but after a quick downpour, which we missed as we were ascending The Shard, the clouds lifted and the view was every bit as spectacular as I had hoped for. 

London's River Thames
we're quite high up!
As the light started to fade, The City turned on it's lights and began to look really quite special

St Paul's as the light starts to fade

Westminster, Buckingham Palace and The London Eye
No tripods were allowed so getting a steady hand-held shot using night time exposures and focussing past the rain spattered windows certainly proved to be a bit of a challenge

The River Thames and Canary Wharf
River Thames
Tower Bridge and Docklands
We finally came back down to earth and I couldn't resist the chance for a couple of quick shots of the sites at ground level.
Tower of London all lit-up

Tower Bridge by night

Sunday, 30 March 2014

On Camber Sands

So Harry came back, and as it was Mother's Day, she drove us off to Camber Sands, where the weather was humid and a bit misty, and the light was as flat as it gets. Still managed to get a couple of pretty shots.
A couple of gulls on groin-posts at Camber

Lapping the shore

at breaking point

panning shot of a gull

Saturday, 15 March 2014

so Sissinghurst is open then

As part of Becky's birthday celebrations, we set of to Sissinghurst Castle on its first day of being open  this year. The sun threatened to come out and it was full of people but it was a fun morning
I haven't done a shot from this angle before, unfortunately there seemed to be an endless stream of people - death by photoshop was an option, but in the end I decided to leave them in. 

Still trying to get the odd abstract shot - no indoor photography! - oh dear!!

there were quite a few polite keep out signs around - I liked the wonky knocker

Spring has now officially sprung I suppose

another polite 'keep out of here you filthy peasant' type sign

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain (well some of it)

Leeds Castle - with the help of a polarising filter
So the weather forecast was good and I was feeling like I had been stuck indoors for ever - so we trundled off to Leeds for a walk and a look at the castle - which although we've lived fairly close to, we've never actually visited. The coffee was a disaster but the scenery was pretty nice.

I like knockers
winter clouds

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Just another one of those days I suppose

The foul grey skies continue, there's no chance of me getting to the coast where the weather is at its most impressive and the local flooding just looks like large puddles. Life just plods on with no consideration for the wannabe photo blogger.
So, the poor old car went in to the menders to get the brake cable fixed, should be a quick in-and-out job (easy!) thought I. However, after getting to the garage in Tunbridge Wells before it even opened, apparently, they were unable to look at the poor old beast for an hour - of course it turns out that loads of stuff needs doing to the poor old thing, so I was stranded in High Brooms yet again on a cold, windy and yes, dull day - passing the time in Costa and McDonalds - oh the shame!, still, lucky I had my camera with me...
poor little Clio - legless and exposed!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow

So the weather has been consistently dull and uninspiring and every spare minute has been taken up with decorating the house - a long and seemingly endless task. 

However, I looked up from my paint-roller today to see the sun beaming into the back of the house, the front was enjoying this spectacular rainbow, so using any excuse not to actually do any work I grabbed a quick shot. It would appear that on closer inspection, there should indeed be a pot of gold in my neighbour's house!
Hopefully the decorating will draw to its conclusion soon and this incessant rain will abate so I can get outside and take some shots... we shall see